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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

by TaffyPuller

I was getting my 9 pm vanilla latte at Evil Empire Coffee last night when this little item leaped at me from the front page of the New York Times. My mind immediately went to that delightful Hole ditty from Courtney Love's nascent years (Oh, Courtney!! Courtney!!! My moonwashed rose!).

The upshot of the NYT piece is that little Justin Berry began selling himself via webcam at the tender age of 13, eventually earning hundreds of thousands of dollars for his trouble. The article goes on to detail Justin's spiral into drug addiction, depression, and perhaps even more disturbing, born again Chrisitianity. At one point he was actually sharing the profits of his online fame with his own FATHER who had fled to Mexico to avoid being imprisoned on an unrelated offense. Sure makes me feel a lot better about Xmas with my own family next week. They might be insane but they never pimped me out. That's what I had Rico for.

It's a moving piece. What really overwhelmed me about Justin's dangerous(ly lucrative) ordeal was WHY DIDN'T THEY HAVE WEBCAMS WHEN I WAS 13? I could have made some SERIOUS CASH, people. At my current age, I'd be lucky to get anyone to view me FOR FREE!!! Born too soon, I suppose. DAMN.


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