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Monday, December 19, 2005

by TaffyPuller

Okay, my two cents worth on BBMTN. I saw it last night in a theater packed to bursting with obvious gaysexuals. It was the most crotch jockeys I've seen in one room without a DJ in a LONG time. So clearly, BBMTN is gay gay gay all the way. Gays typically do not support a film in such a unified way unless they really SEE themselves in it. I keep hearing from friends some vague stats about the film breaking attendance records. And since I've heard these stats from three different people, they must be ABSOLUTELY FACTUAL.

Oh and I totally wasn't buying Heath as a dick smoker. His lips were so damn stiff, I imagined sticking my slim jim in there would be akin to face fucking a ceramic garden gnome. Jakie, on the other hand, was totally selling the barely suppressed cock lust. Maybe it was the leather daddy mustache.


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