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Thursday, July 28, 2005

by Bossy Boots

Don't get too excited, but everyone's favorite gay Republican is back in the game. Viva la Rockville.

Well Jack Be Nimble Jack Be Quick Jack Go UNDER the LIMBO STICK! Limbo Limbo How Low Can You GO!!!! Those are the words of the “Limbo” song which is a popular game that is played in Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Africa and many other of Those Countries and it is a game that LIBERALS love to play. They sure have been playing it a LOT lately too! In that game, you have to get under a stick by bending over and walking very LOW. Well I know that Liberals sure like to BEND OVER if you know what I mean (LOL) not that there’s anything “wrong” with that I should know.

Mangina Dentata


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